Q:  Where do you get your jewelry and other "finds?"
A:  We get our pieces from different sources.  We have working relationships with several estate companies in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.  When their clients have jewelry that they want to sell, these estate companies call us in!  Our other items are described as "finds," and they're just that.  We "find" them at estate sales.  We also have individuals in other cities searching for "finds” for us as well.

Q:  Do you ever "broker" jewelry or other valuable items for clients?
A:  We do sell jewelry and other collectible items for clients.  We have a wonderful jewelry appraiser that we work with.  After she appraises the pieces, we can work with you to determine what you'd like to sell them for, and we can then add them to our website and e-commerce sites for you.

Q:  Do you appraise the pieces that you sell?
A:  It is a conflict of interest for the same person who is selling a piece to appraise it.  That person can appraise a piece much higher than it's worth, and they can then sell it for a higher price to make more money.  When we need an appraisal, we use a third party appraiser to avoid that conflict of interest.  

Q:  Do you ever search for special pieces for clients?
A:  We do!  For years, we've worked with family, friends, and other colleagues to find special pieces of jewelry.  We can do the same for you.  If you are looking for a special item and would like for us to look for you as well, feel free to reach out to us.  We'll be happy to look for you!

Q:  Do you offer any new jewelry?
A:  While the focus of KRISTY LYNN is on estate jewelry and other finds, we have ventured into the world of new jewelry as well.  We attend jewelry trade shows to find pieces.  These items are marked as “New" on our website and e-commerce sites.  We also have relationships with several diamond brokers in NYC and can find whatever you are looking for, all at much lower prices than you’d pay in a retail establishment!